Action Alert: Urge Congress to Avoid a Government Shutdown

We are on the brink of another government shutdown. It is critical that Congress passes a continuing resolution (CR) to temporarily extend current-year funding and provide additional time to negotiate fiscal year (FY) 2024 spending levels.
The current political impasse poses a threat to science. If shuttered, federal research agencies will be unable to award grants or conduct critical research until they are funded again.  Lawmakers must set aside political differences and pass a CR by September 30.  Beyond the CR, Congress must prioritize completing their work on FY 2024 appropriations as quickly as possible. A stopgap approach creates uncertainties and stifles the government's ability to initiate new programs. 
Please take a few moments to write to your members of Congress urging them to pass a continuing resolution before the September 30 deadline and complete work on FY 2024 appropriations bills in an expedient and bipartisan manner.