Take Action to Support Human Genetics & Genomics Research Funding

ASHG is joining the research community in urging Congress to complete the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 appropriations process and to make NIH funding a national priority.

This is a key time to make your voice heard in support of robust and sustained NIH funding for FY24, and to ask Congress to pass the Senate's bipartisan $49 billion NIH appropriations bill. In November, Congress passed a continuing resolution (CR) -- a stop-gap funding measure -- that continues some government funding until January 19 and NIH funding through February 2. Appropriators must now negotiate and draft all 12 individual spending bills before the temporary government funding expires. Unless Congress acts quickly and in a bipartisan way to complete the NIH FY2024 spending bill before the February 2 deadline, the NIH will be forced to shut down-- halting progress in research and slowing cures. It is critical that human genetics and genomics researchers like yourself speak out and share how these cuts and extended temporary government funding negatively impacts the human genetics and genomics community and stymies the economic benefits and health advances that come from this research.

Please take a few minutes to contact your Members of Congress via e-mail using the form below, highlighting breakthroughs in research, diagnostics and treatment, collaborations around the world, and lives changed for all people due to genetics and genomics research (in your lab, at your institution, or elsewhere) and the importance of sustained, robust NIH funding.