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In 2015, there were 45 craft breweries - thanks in large part to smart policy choices by the Georgia General Assembly, that number grew to 155 in 2021. Despite the growth for small brewers, there are still significant challenges and barriers to success. Due to antiquated policies, Georgia ranks 46th in new brewery licenses per capita, and 37th in economic impact. 


We can do better.


Our elected leaders can make more smart policy decisions by simply loosening some of the stiff, antiquated and unnecessary restrictions on these small businesses. 


Small brewers are anchors of development and catalysts of economic growth in neighborhoods across Georgia. These small businesses provide sales and excise tax revenue, support local communities, and drive tourism. Unfortunately, small brewers are having to consider expanding outside the state due to barriers that limit opportunity and investment. 


2023 Fair and Open Access to Market (F.O.A.M.) Act would:

Authorize Self-Distribution:

Small brewers should have the right to sell directly to retailers. This provides desperately needed choice and competition in the marketplace, and allows brewers to build their brands in their local communities. Traditional distribution channels through wholesalers should and will remain a viable option for brewers who wish to expand in that market.


Remove the daily cap of 288oz per person for to-go sales:

The current daily "off-premise" or "to-go" sales cap is an arbitrary limit that does not reflect consumer demands, or current business models of our small breweries. It also limits small businesses' ability to succeed in a system where it has a narrow or no path to consumers outside their taproom.


Provides necessary reforms to current franchise law:

Under current law and regulation, small brewers are forced to maintain relationships that sometimes don't work for anyone involved, particularly consumers and local communities. No matter what the brewer's contract with a wholesaler might say, small brewers have virtually no ability to control who distributes their own brands, brands they've built and invested in. This is wrong, and should be reformed to ensure these small businesses have the necessary flexibility they need in order to serve their consumers and communities in a modern marketplace.


Support for our communities:

The F.O.A.M. Act would also allow for breweries to make charitable donations. Did you know that under current Georgia law, breweries are prohibited from donating their own product -- beer -- to local charities for fundraising?This bill changes that, allowing breweries to support their local communities through donation of product. 


Signing below will help us encourage lawmakers to pass the FOAM Act and immediately start helping small and independent craft brewers to reach more customers, leading to growth and expansion of the entire industry.
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