Increase Assisted Living Medicaid Rates

Your voice is crucial in addressing the pressing issue of inadequate Medicaid funding for assisted living communities. Despite last year's initial steps by the Legislature to tackle the longstanding rate disparity, the current funding covers only 79% of the labor cost. This shortfall creates inequities for residents and inhibits the accessibility of essential services.
We are witnessing an average caseload decrease of 3% each year under the current funding levels, emphasizing the urgent need for change. Increased Medicaid funding is pivotal in making assisted living accessible to a broader population, especially low-income individuals who depend on these vital services.
Competitive compensation is essential for attracting and retaining skilled and compassionate workers in the caregiving field. Disparities in funding across residential settings contribute to an unjust wage gap, putting assisted living providers, particularly those caring for low-income residents, at a disadvantage in recruiting qualified workers.
To address these issues, we will be prioritizing the following Medicaid increases for assisted living:
  • Fund the labor component of AL Medicaid rates at 95%.
  • Increase the specialized dementia care rate add-on to $60/day.
Your voice is instrumental in garnering legislative support for these vital changes. Please take a moment to send your message today, advocating for fair and adequate Medicaid funding for assisted living.