Increase Medicaid Rates for Adult Day Services

We need your support to call upon legislators and urge them to prioritize an increase in Medicaid rates for adult day health and adult day care services. 

A substantial increase this year is long overdue and vital for stabilizing the state's adult day provider network. Year after year, we are seeing the closure of centers across the state due to Medicaid rates falling behind the actual cost of providing care. Washington's current ranking of 48th in the nation for adult day center availability is unacceptable, and it's imperative that we take action to revitalize this essential care setting. 

DSHS's proposal of $1,924,000 in total funds ($962,000 GF-S) for a 30% rate increase for adult day services in the 2024 supplemental budget is a critical step towards addressing this issue. 

By reaching out to legislators, you can contribute to a collective impact and advocate for the necessary funding to support adult day services. Take a moment to contact your legislators today and make it known that you stand for increased Medicaid rates for adult day services. 

Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of those who depend on adult day programs.