Ask Your Members of Congress to Support the Building Civic Bridges Act

The Building Civic Bridges Act (H.R. 6843/S. 4530) is expected to be reintroduced in September of this year. This bill, which has broad bipartisan support, would authorize $25 million per year to formalize efforts with regard to civic bridge building. It will establish an Office of Civic Bridgebuilding within AmeriCorps to research civic bridge building and social cohesion, train AmeriCorps members on bridge-building skills, and support bridge-building efforts throughout the nation.
TO DO: Contact your members of Congress to urge them to support the Building Civic Bridges Act. Use our advocacy tool to send a letter. Quickly enter your contact information, write your letter, and send with just one click.
Note: All submitted letters will be temporarily held and then all sent to legislators at the same time to increase the impact by flooding legislators with support for this bill when it is introduced. We are coordinating this timing with other organizations who will also be sending letters at that time. Hopefully our combined efforts and voices can show legislators that this bill and bridge-building efforts are important to their constituents.