Support Child Tax Credit in Bipartisan Tax Bill

Our efforts to strengthen American families with an enhanced child tax credit have reached a critical milestone. The Senate needs to hear from you now, as they will vote soon on this important bill. Please call or write your senators this week.

In January, the House passed H.R. 7024, the Tax Relief for American Workers and Families Act of 2024, overwhelmingly with a vote of 357-70. This bipartisan proposal cuts taxes and red tape for businesses, promotes innovation, creates jobs, and slashes fraud. In addition, 15 million kids from low-income families will be better off through improvements to the child tax credit. However, since January the bill has been sitting in the Senate.

We're at a critical juncture; several senators are working this week to get the numbers needed to pass the CTC. The most impactful strategy to get this bill introduced and passed in the Senate is for senators to hear from their constituents and be pressured to do the right thing.

Enhancing the child tax credit is an important and cost-effective policy that supports American families and encourages employment. Not only does it reduce child poverty and suffering right away, it supports a better future for our children.

Learn more about the child tax credit here.

This is your opportunity to let your legislators know you support the child tax credit and to encourage Senate leadership to vote to support the bipartisan tax package. Write your senators now and remind them of the importance of this historically bipartisan tax credit to assist families. Express frustration that the bill has stalled in the Senate, given its overwhelming support both in the House and across the US. Urge them to do the brave thing and support the Child Tax Credit.

Click below to submit a letter to your elected representatives using our letter-writing tool. It only takes a few minutes. Invite your legislators to support American families by extending and expanding the child tax credit.