Every year, over 930,000 babies in the United States are aborted.

And in some states, these abortion numbers could soon be growing. There is a movement to see all abortion restrictions lifted, late-term abortions normalized, and, in some cases, infanticide legalized.

We have already seen states such as New York, Vermont, Illinois, Colorado, and Minnesota implement aggressive anti-life policies.

But the most powerful voice is the voice of the voters.

Politicians are accountable to the people. You are their constituents. Your voice carries tremendous power.

Please send a message to your representatives in Congress, your state legislators, and your Governor, and let them know that you stand in support of life and urge them to protect life.

After you've taken action, share this with your friends, family, and church community to encourage them to take action by contacting their representatives as well. There is strength in numbers.

When we act together, our voices will not be ignored, and a movement will be fueled.

Take action today!