Tell the President to Secure the Border

As Commander in Chief, President Biden has the responsibility and duty to enforce immigration laws, yet he has repeatedly refused to enforce these laws. The American people can no longer afford to suffer from the Biden administration's border neglect. 

A recent House Judiciary Committee Report exposed the worsening magnitude of the Biden Administration border crisis. The report states, "With such a large and seemingly unending influx of illegal aliens into the United States, Americans would be right to conclude that the border crisis is not a side effect, but instead a goal, of the Biden Administration's radical open-borders immigration policies." 

"Far from disincentivizing the flood of illegal immigration by detaining and removing illegal aliens, President Joe Biden and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continue to release illegal aliens into U.S. communities en masse. In fact, in early December 2023, DHS officials admitted that "an average of 5,000 illegal aliens are currently being released into the U.S. each day at the border."

It's time to stop this madness and protect American citizens from foreign invaders. Please send President Biden your personal message now.